Veterinary Medicine Compounding

Veterinary Medicine Compounding

We want to help your pet stay healthy!

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Vedder Pharmacy can work closely with your veterinarian to help provide a complete range of treatment options for your pet. We can accomplish this by compounding medications into dosage forms such as chews/gummies, capsules, liquids, creams or transdermal gels, which are often easier to give your pet. 

We can also customize dosing and flavoring to best fit the individual species, breed, and gender of your pet!

Compound Flavoring Options:

Savory Flavors: Bacon, Beef, Chicken, Fish, Liver, Peanut Butter

Sweet FlavorsApple, Banana, Cherry, Grape, Marshmallow, Raspberry

 Speak to our Pharmacists today to learn more about specialized medication compounding for your pet! Our compounding lab can help provide the best possible solutions for your furry friends.